Sergio Ramos shows off his new toy

Sergio Ramos took to social media to show off his new purchase, a personalised bicycle that features the Spanish flag along with his name, signature and shirt number.

The Greyp G12s is a hyper ebike that was created by the Croatian company Rimac Automobili. It has a 16 hp engine and a 3kWh lithium battery that allows it to travel for 120 kilometres without being recharged, with its maximum speed being 70 km/h.

It also features 26″ wheels, a RockShox Boxxer RC front fork and a RockShox Vivid R2C rear shock, as well as Shimano Saint brakes.

Costs more than 10,000 euros

The Greyp G12S‘ value exceeds the 10,000 euros but it is doubtful whether Ramos purchased the bike, or it was given away to him a gift, as the picture that he published on Instagram has exceed the 900,000 likes and that’s enough publicity for the company.

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