Sergio Ramos and viking pride

Sergio Ramos’ pride allowed him to score a goal in Lisbon that was for the pride of Real Madrid. That arrogance of the then vice-captain at Real Madrid was what led him to believe that Los Blancos could not surrender, that they had to fight until the very last moment, and the doors of glory opened in front of him.

The self-love that only greats like him have allowed him to get on the end of Luka Modric‘s cross, climbing into the Lisbon skies, to head home.

First it was Ramos, and then it was Florentino Perez celebrating a goal that would change Real Madrid’s history. That goal allowed them to win La Decima, but then came the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth Champions League titles. Ramos transformed a team who had previously been weighed down by their desire to conquer Europe.

Now Sergio Ramos‘ pride is preventing him from accepting that a battle he had won might be lost. A year ago he had the upper hand in negotiations for a new contract, he felt essential at Real Madrid because he was.

His leadership saw Los Blancos win LaLiga Santander, but a lot has changed in the last 12 months and he’s no longer key. Ramos will have to put his pride aside to stay at the club. It’s as easy – and difficult – as picking up the phone.

His pride has made him a Real Madrid legend, and that same reason could make him no more than part of Real Madrid’s history this summer.

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