Real Madrid: We may see improvement in Vinicius Jr’s finishing in 2021/22

Vinicius has been at Real Madrid for around three years now, and he’s one of the most talented players in the world. He has a huge upside, and if he is able to improve on the things he’s not that good at, he’d be an amazing player.

But that’s the problem with Vinicius right now. The problems he had in his first season at Real Madrid, he has to this date as well. He has obviously improved in some aspects, but I feel like he has gotten worse in a couple of other parts of his game. For example, when the Brazilian first made his way into the lineup, he had this fearlessness, and he did what he wanted to do.

Now, even though the fearlessness is there, Vinicius is not able to do the things he wants to do because sometimes the pressure gets into his head. He tends to think a little too much sometimes when he’s on the ball, that he slows the attack down or loses the ball. He was much better in those situations three years ago.

The only thing holding Vinicius back from being a success story at Real Madrid is his finishing

Perhaps the one thing Vinicius needs the most improvement in is his decision making in front of goal. He has scored quite a few beautiful goals, but he has wasted far more chances than that. There has been no improvement in that regard in three years and it’s honestly a little concerning. If he’s able to develop this skill inside him, he can easily be the starter for any team in the world.

That’s probably why Ancelotti will work with Vinicius this season, and help him find his shooting boots. According to Jose Luis Sanchez, the Italian coach will try to fix the goalscoring issues in Real Madrid’s wingers, and especially with Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius Jr has only scored 15 goals in his three seasons with the club, and one can not even imagine the number of chances he has missed! It’s not that big of a knock on him, though, because what he provides to this Real Madrid side, I don’t think anyone else does. The explosiveness, the fearlessness, the pace, the directness; there simply aren’t many Real Madrid players that do this in 2021.

I think that even with the finishing problems, though, I just don’t see Real Madrid listening to offers for the Brazilian. There have been reports of Real Madrid wanting to sell Vinicius this season. It just doesn’t make sense to me. This guy will be a world-beater once he reaches his potential. Granted, when that exactly happens is another question, but I don’t see why Real Madrid would be eager to let a guy of this much talent go. He was one of the first players from Real Madrid’s new transfer approach, and he’s arguably one of the most successful ones out of the players that have been bought.

Vinicius needs a lot of polishing, and I genuinely think that with Ancelotti, the least Real Madrid is getting would be player development. He has done that many times before. I don’t see why he won’t be able to do that with Vinicius this season. Obviously, he won’t turn into prime Ronaldo in one season, but I think that with the potential he has, and the way that Ancelotti goes around with things, I think there will be an increase in offensive output from the Brazilian this term.

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