Casillas calls for respect after breakup with Sara Carbonero: Irreparable damage is being caused

Iker Casillas has denounced the media harassment that both he and his family are being subjected to amid his breakup with Sara Carbonero.

Additionally, the legendary former goalkeeper denied rumours that he had suffered a relapse of the myocardial infarction that would bring an end to his playing career.

As a result of the “media harassment” suffered as a result of his breakup, Casillas released a statement, and mentioned that it was a “friendly” separation.

“The media harassment which both my family and I personally are being subjected is causing us irreparable damage,” his statement began.

“I would like to emphasise that our separation was amicable and in the statement that my wife and I issued, we ask for respect for her, for my children and for me. Unfortunately, this is not taking place, which is reflected by the permanent harassment.

The former Real Madrid and Porto goalkeeper announced that he will take legal action against those who have disseminated “totally false” information.

“Various magazines have spread news about my health, suggesting that I had suffered a relapse of the ailment that I overcame, when it was a simple allergic reaction.”

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