Ancelotti and Pintus' revolutionary plan to reduce injuries

New Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti is wasting no time in planning for the upcoming season and he has been plotting some key physical changes with conditioning coach Antonio Pintus in Sardinia.

Pre-season training for Los Blancos will begin on July 5 and players can expect to see their preparation workload doubled as the coaching staff seek to improve performance and reduce injuries, which was an Achilles heel for the team in 2020/21.

More preparatory work

The basic premise of the plan is simple. The idea is that more preparatory work equals better displays on the pitch and less time in the treatment room.

The aim is to get the best out of every individual player ahead of a season where, as always, the club will be expected to compete on all fronts.

This is especially important for 2021/22 as, due to the economic situation, few changes in personnel are expected. Therefore, improvement must come by making the most of the resources already available to them.

No excuses, no exceptions

The plan will be a demanding one with no room for excuses or complacency. Every player will be expected to fulfil their potential as an athlete.

As usual, players will have individualised plans, but the expectations and workload will be set high for everyone. Neither status nor reputation will excuse any player from not meeting the new, higher demands.

Daily controls

To measure the progress and success of the new physical training regime, there will be tighter and more frequent controls.

Players will be subjected to daily monitoring in basic metrics such as strength, speed, resistance and flexibility. Taking care of these fine lines and details is key to the plan’s overall success.


Players’ diets will also be reviewed and the relevant professionals will control and monitor this, both within and out with the club’s facilities.

Injury prevention

One of the key goals of the physical training plan is to avoid another injury-plagued campaign. Real Madrid suffered 59 injuries last season and cannot afford a repeat.

Pintus‘ arrival is considered by many as key to the club’s setup for the coming season.

It’s not only for the first team, as he will be drawing up similar plans for all levels of the club.

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